Top Oilfield & Commercial Transportation Services Blackfield Industries

Blackfield Industries offers premier oilfield and commercial transportation services across New Mexico and Texas. Our dependable fleet guarantees safe, on-time delivery of water and essential resources. Rely on us for expert logistics solutions designed for the oil and gas industry. Contact us for a quote today!

Our transportation services

At Blackfield Industries, we take pride in offering reliable and efficient transportation services tailored to the oilfield and commercial sectors. Here's what sets us apart:

  1. Water Hauling

    • Safe, timely delivery of water for oilfield operations.
  2. Resource Transport

    • Dependable transportation of essential resources for commercial needs.
  3. Oilfield Logistics

    • Expert management of logistics for oilfield projects.
  4. Fleet Management

    • Well-maintained fleet ensuring peak performance and reliability.
  5. Safety and Compliance

    • Strict adherence to safety protocols and industry regulations.
  6. Timely Deliveries

    • Commitment to on-time deliveries for all transportation projects.
  7. Customer Support

    • Dedicated team offering transparent communication and real-time updates.

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