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At Blackfield Industries, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in Instrumentation and Electrical services. Our commitment to excellence ensures we consistently deliver the best service to our esteemed clients, including industry leaders such as XTO, ConocoPhillips, BPX, EOG, Georgia-Pacific, and more. Trust us to handle your projects with the highest standards of quality and reliability. Choose Blackfield Industries for unparalleled expertise and top-tier service in the field.

Instrumentation and Electrical Services:

Instrumentation and Electrical Services

  1. PLC Programming and Integration: Custom PLC programming, integration with SCADA systems, troubleshooting and optimization.
  2. SCADA Systems Design and Implementation: SCADA architecture design, installation and configuration, real-time data monitoring and control.
  3. Instrumentation Calibration and Maintenance: Calibration of field instruments, preventive and corrective maintenance, compliance with industry standards.
  4. Control Panel Design and Fabrication: Custom control panel engineering, panel assembly and wiring, testing and quality assurance.
  5. Electrical System Design and Installation: Electrical schematics and layout design, installation of electrical infrastructure, compliance with NEC and local codes.
  6. Field Instrumentation Installation: Installation of sensors, transmitters, and actuators, signal wiring and terminations, system integration and testing.
  7. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Configuration: VFD selection and setup, parameter programming and tuning, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  8. Process Control System Upgrades: Retrofitting of outdated systems, implementation of advanced control algorithms, system validation and commissioning.
  9. Electrical and Instrumentation Commissioning: Pre-commissioning and functional testing, loop checks and system validation, start-up assistance and operational support.
  10. Maintenance and Reliability Services: Predictive and preventive maintenance, root cause analysis and problem resolution, reliability improvement programs.
  11. Energy Management Solutions: Energy audits and assessments, implementation of energy-saving measures, monitoring and optimization of energy use.
  12. Emergency and On-call Services: 24/7 emergency response, rapid troubleshooting and repair, minimization of downtime and operational impact.

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