Reliable Mechanical Services for Oilfields and Commercial Industries for Texas and New Mexico Businesses

At Blackfield Industries LLC, we provide essential mechanical services for the construction and maintenance of oilfields and commercial industries. Our experienced team ensures every project is completed safely, efficiently, and to the highest standards.

Our Services Include:

  • Piping and Plumbing Systems

    • Design and installation for reliable operation.
  • Tank and Vessel Fabrication

    • Custom-built for storage and processing needs.
  • Pump and Compressor Systems

    • Installation and maintenance for optimal performance.
  • Structural Fabrication and Erection

    • Robust structures to support your operations.
  • Welding and Metal Fabrication

    • Precision services for infrastructure needs.
  • Maintenance and Repair

    • Regular services to ensure system longevity and efficiency.

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services

Industrial Services Provided

  1. Electrical System Design and Installation
  2. Instrumentation Calibration and Maintenance
  3. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Installation
  4. Automation and Control Systems
  5. Powerline Construction and Maintenance
  6. Electrical Panel Upgrades and Installation
  7. Infrastructure Upgrades and Retrofits
  8. Electrical Troubleshooting and Repairs

Why Choose Our Commercial Services?


  • Experienced Team

    • Skilled professionals with extensive industry knowledge.
  • Quality Assurance

    • Adherence to the highest industry standards.
  • Safety Commitment

    • Strict safety protocols to protect workers and assets.
  • Customized Solutions

    • Tailored to meet your specific project requirements.

Partner with Blackfield Industries LLC for reliable and efficient mechanical services. Contact us today